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Let's talk Bridal talk...

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” -Sam Keen, author

Let's talk bridal talk.

Being a bride myself, I understand the frustrations and the constant changing.

Now, let's talk about being a bride during a pandemic.

We have our winner there.

I'm a bride during a pandemic. It is only because I had to change my wedding date from 2020 to 2021. My fiance and I decided that we wanted to get married on our ten year anniversary. So, what better way to have a wedding then a pandemic. I am however, very grateful that things are starting to open back up and hoping life will be returning to normal soon.

How about we talk about the things that aren't typically talked about?

First and foremost, it is your day. Just like anything else big in your life, remember you cannot please everyone and you should not aim to do so. Your wedding is about you and your groom, not your Aunt Sally too. How about we discuss the things that people do not talk about normally?

Everyone is going to have an opinion. This is natural. If you like that mermaid dress on you and you feel its the one; buy it. No one else's opinion matters but your own and more then likely your momma's. You deserve to feel beautiful and like a princess. You want a blue wedding dress? Go for it, Queen!

Redo it. If you do not like anything you have sketched out or every vision on your Pinterest board isn't what you want now? Redo it. There is not a THING wrong with moving your wedding another year ahead or two years ahead. Most vendors will work with you and will move their schedule around to accommodate you. It is incredibly important, however, to make sure you discuss with each vendor before you move your date so you do not lose out on money.

Buy the first wedding dress you cry over. I can probably guarantee you that the wedding dress you cried over and made you feel beautiful in is the wedding dress for you. I can almost guarantee that the first dress you try on is not the one. I tried on a bunch of dresses. Hell, I have two wedding dresses because I thought the one I wanted was the one and it wasn't. I have moved my wedding more times then I can count but it's okay because life is full of twists and turns so when we finally decided to get married this year - I redid everything. I threw out the original drawing board and I started over. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Save money were you can. You do not need a photobooth, a videographer, a Dj, catering. You don't need these things to have a beautiful wedding. I am saying this because it is important to cut corners were you absolutely can. Weddings are NOT cheap, especially if you do everything you can to make sure you are cutting corners were you can. I can tell you for a fact that if you want your wedding catered, look at other options besides private restaurants. Look into Air B&Bs in your area to see if they would be able to accommodate a wedding there. You would be surprised.

Small businesses need us. If you are a bride or a bride-to-be or you are looking at the last possible things you need for your wedding. Always, always reach out to your small businesses. Etsy will more then likely be your BEST friend. I say this because Etsy has been mine. I have gotten almost everything for my bridesmaids and my MIL and my own mom off of there. From jewelry to shawls to everything in-between. I even ordered my bouquets and such off of Etsy. Fake flowers are were its at.

Don't be afraid to DIY. Do stuff yourself in order to cut corners. Make your center pieces, do your own flowers. Have each of your girls to their own hair and makeup and each one of them do each others hair. Have them all come together then and do your hair. Have a spa day at your house the day before the wedding. It is important to get enough sleep and to moisturize your face so your makeup artist (if you hired one) can work with flawless skin. But be sure that you look like you or whatever makes you feel beautiful!

Ask for help. Your family is there for a reason. They are in the background waiting for you to give them stuff to do. So DO IT. They are here for this! Ask someone to become an ordain minister online so they can marry you. Ask someone if they will be willing to handle all the food for that day. Ask someone to help assist people into the venue and to direct traffic. They are there for this. Ask one of your family members to announce your bridal party in when the reception comes. There is NOTHING wrong with asking for help. I can guarantee that they will be overjoyed that you asked them.

Pamper yourself. Girl, this is your day. You are the BRIDE. You deserve to look award winning! Go get your hair done, get your makeup done, get your toes done! Have your bridesmaids paint your nails and do your makeup. Don't do it all yourself! You deserve for it to be all about you, so LIVE in it! You picked your Maid of Honor (or Matron of Honor) for a reason, right!?

Have fun and embrace this new life. Wedding planning should be fun and be an exciting time for you and your bridesmaids. Being a wife is no easy task. It is surely draining on the soul. There will be days you give 90% and he gives 10% but remember, you are in this for the long haul. There is no divorce. There is no backing out. There are day where all 100% will be on you and there are days were all 100% will be on him. Most importantly though, always remember, you are human.

Scared? Trust me, I understand. This is no easy task and your maid of honor is there to help you through it all. They are there to help keep you sane. Ask for help, don't be afraid to tell people no. You can't please everyone. What you want is what you should get.

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I will talk to you all soon!


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