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The Why & How

"Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by the number of times that life takes your breath away." - Anonymous

All the reasons why.

Every single time I see someone and strike up a conversation they ask me how I got from healthcare to photography. The answer I feel is pretty simple.

While my love will always be in healthcare, photography gives me that artistic escape that I have not been able to find with writing. It helps me create beautiful images with a click of a button. Now, of course it isn't all just a click of a button and you have beautiful images. It takes time, money, and people to who believe in what you do in order for you to perfect your craft. It does not happen over night. Photography is an artistic outlet that lets me tell a story through my images instead of fighting the mental blockage that I cannot get rid of to write again.

My why, well - that is simple. My why is my children. Everything I do - I do for them. I want to give them a life were they remember that mommy was home during all their key moments in life instead of at work. This is important to me. It's also important that I can make an income and provide for my family in anyway I can so I can be around for these moments. I want to show my children that they can do whatever they set their mind too. This takes perseverance, time, patience, and commitment. This does not happen over night.

The world around me in the Lehigh Valley is completely stunning. There are so many mysterious places that I have not checked out! To my surprise there are a bunch of falls around here so I do not have to go all the way to Niagara Falls to get those beautiful fall pictures (trust me though, it's on my bucket list). There are several places on my list that I hope to be able to visit this summer, so keep an eye out on my Facebook Page and my blog for more details.

This Saturday, May 22, 2021, I will be in New Goshenhoppen Park for "Vendors in the Park", there will be 60 vendors there! There will be a lot of different and WONDERFUL opportunities. It is supposed to be a beautiful day on Saturday, a hot one actually, and it's an outside event which is perfect! I will be having a beautiful photography set up there and will be offering 10 minute sessions for two 4x6 prints for 20$. The images will be hand selected by me and mailed to you within a week of the event! There will be an option for an online gallery, but chances are there will be only maybe five photos on each gallery. So, unless you want to order more, there is an option that you may choose once you inquire at my booth for a session.

Along with this beautiful photography set up I will have. I am doing a giveaway! I am offering to give away SIX engagement sessions for the 2022-2023 season. The break down is simple.

There will be three in 2022, and three in 2023.

Upon the delivery of your gallery - you will be able to receive a promotion. Once you have received your gallery and I send you that fancy email explaining how my galleries work and how to access; the clock starts. You will be able to get $350 off my two most expensive packages. The smaller package is more budget friendly and instead of the engagement session that you would of received in the bigger packages, you will get an extra hour of services.

I have a bigger giveaway that will be announced in the next six months. Keep an eye out for that.

I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday! Come enjoy the sun, shop, and get pictures taken!


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